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The application must be completed in one sitting. Applications with missing documents or partial information will not be processed. 

We recommend using Firefox or Chrome to complete the application to ensure your information comes through. Your information may be lost if you use Safari or an older version of Chrome. 

When your application is processed and accepted, we will send payment information. 

Full payment for each camp or program registered is due by April 19, 2024, unless you have arrangements.

If you are applying for more than one child, please apply for each child separately.

Have the following required information ready before you start your application. Your application is incomplete if the following documents are not uploaded.

- Basic information about your child;

- Front-facing photo of your child similar to a passport photo (head to chest);

- Completed and signed medical form by the doctor. Click to download the health form for the doctor.

- A photo of the front and back of the camper’s health insurance card.;

- Camp/program your child wishes to attend based on their grade level (for children in PreK - 8th Grade) or their age (for those aged 14-22).

Summer Camps and Programs are for children and students between the ages of 3-22. 

Basic Information about Camper/Participant

Camper's Legal First and Last Name*
Date of Birth:*
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Summer Camps and Programs are for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing between the ages of 3 to 22 years old. : 

The date of birth you entered indicates that the camper/participant is not eligible for Summer Camps and Programs.  

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Camp / Program Selections

Please read the following carefully to select the correct camp/program to ensure the camper/participant's spot.

The camps and programs that you see are what is available for the camper/participant based on age and grade completed in the school year of 2023-2024.

To select the camp(s)/program(s) the camper/participant wishes to attend, enter 1 to confirm one spot. 

If you don't want a camp or change your mind, enter 0.

Tiny Tots Camp
a ten-day, half-day interactive program for Pre-Kindergarten deaf/hard of hearing toddlers, with optional swim lessons at no extra charge. Get your little ones ready for non-stop fun and immersive experiences that will ignite their young minds. From playtime adventures and hands-on activities to unleashing their creative genius with arts and crafts, games, and even some epic recreational swimming sessions. But wait, there’s more! Campers won’t just have a blast; they’ll also develop awesome social skills, language comprehension, and dive into exciting concepts, all within our fully communication-accessible environment.
$ 250.00
LEGO STEM Camp  Image
LEGO® STEM Camp is a five-day, full-day immersive program for K–2 deaf/hard of hearing children. Kids are bursting with creativity, and with Play-Well TEK instructors by their side, they’ll have access to massive LEGO© collections to unleash their imaginations. This camp explores engineering, physics, and the joy of collaboration without fear of making mistakes. Campers will sharpen their problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and embrace new concepts to fuel their curiosity. They’ll inspect, test, modify, and rebuild their creations, forging new friendships along the way. At the end, they get to take home a set of unopened LEGO© materials to continue their building adventures. This camp is the ultimate playground for curious minds, where learning and fun creates an unforgettable experience!
$ 300.00
Summer Camp Image
Summer Camp
UD Summer Camp is a five-day, half-day fun-filled and action-packed program for K–2 deaf/hard of hearing children. Campers will take part in swimming to stay cool and engage their curious minds with exciting STEM hands-on learning, where they’ll tackle experiments and fun challenges. They’ll also explore their artistic side through painting, sculpting, and crafting This immersive camp is designed to provide campers with a well-rounded experience, fostering physical activity, stimulating intellect, encouraging art creativity, and enhancing literacy skills – offering a perfect blend of fun, learning, and growth for an unforgettable summer camp adventure!
$ 300.00
Exploratory Camp Image
Exploratory Camp
Exploratory Camp is a six-day overnight outdoor-oriented program for Grades 3–5 deaf/hard of hearing children. What comes to mind when you think of the classic summer camp experience? From kayaking, a giant water slide, human foosball, an epic ropes course, and more – these activities will exceed your camper’s wildest dreams. They’ll have the opportunity to make new friends and try various activities, from jumping off the diving board to showcasing their talents in the camp talent show. Aside from sheer enjoyment, this camp focuses on fostering self-awareness, self-growth, empowerment, self-identity, and planning for future goals. As one of our most popular selections in 2023, don’t hesitate to secure a spot so your camper can have a transformative experience!
$ 400.00
All-Sports Adventure Camp Image
All-Sports Adventure Camp
All-Sports Adventure Camp is a five-day, overnight camp for Grades 4-7. Experience the fun of multiple sports in one week. Our All-Sports Adventure Camp is perfect for campers who want to try a variety of sports, including tennis, swimming, disc golf, volleyball, flag football, softball and many more. Campers will enjoy the fun team competitions such as kickball, water polo, pickleball, relays, and more to build their teamwork and sportsmanship.
$ 250.00
Basketball Camp Image
Basketball Camp
Basketball Camp is a five-day overnight outdoor-oriented program for Grades 4–7 deaf/hard of hearing children. Experience an all-inclusive basketball camp designed for campers who want to uplift their game to the highest level. Coaches will help them improve their dribbling, shooting, passing and teamwork skills in a fun and supportive environment. This camp is for serious campers looking to elevate their basketball skills.
$ 250.00
Cooking Camp Image
Cooking Camp
Cooking Camp is a five-day, overnight camp for Grades 6-8 deaf/hard of hearing children. Campers will unleash their creativity through exploration of baking and cooking techniques with tasting opportunities taught by deaf chefs. One or more field trips will be offered. Campers will experience the science, art and tastiness of the food they make. At the end, they’ll bring home their very own cookbook.
$ 350.00

Young Adult Program Selections

Please read the following carefully to select the correct camp/program to ensure the camper/participant's spot.

Programs listed below register registration with your local Texas Workforce Commission/Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) office. Contact to make payment arrangements. 

The programs that you see are what is available for the camper/participant based on age and grade completed in the school year of 2023-2024. 

Is the camper/participant currently a TWC-VR or TWS/Pre-ETS customer? *
Name of VR Counselor
Pre-ETS Programs For Students in 8th- 11th grade
Pre-ETS Programs For Students in 9th- 12th Grade. You may choose more than one.
Programs for Young Adults 18-22 years old

Other Information About Camper/Participant

Upload the signed medical form. *
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The physician must have completed and signed the health questionnaire.
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Any significant life changes we should be aware of? Such as loss of a loved one, moving, new family member, etc. *
Does the camper/participant receive additional support at school? This includes, but is not limited to, one on one support, small ratios of students to staff, or increased supervision. By sharing such information with the SOC Summer Camps and Programs team, this would allow for dialogue to further discuss how the camper/participant could have a positive camp experience. *

Information about Parents/Caregivers

The following information will help us communicate with the camper/participant's parent or legal caregiver. If you do not have one or more of the contact methods required below, simply duplicate the number where they can be best reached.

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Second Parent/Caregiver's Contact Information

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Your Contact Information

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Emergency Contact Information

One emergency contact other than parents/guardians/self is required. Parents/legal caregivers/self and the emergency contact must be reachable at all times during summer programs. 

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1. Use of Facilities (including Swim Center), Grounds and Equipment; Transportation in TSD Vehicles; Participation in Activities; Release of Liability and Indemnification 

In exchange for the consent of the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) allowing me and my regsitered child to have or use the TSD equipment, grounds and facilities, including the Swim Center, and to be transported in TSD vehicles to and from and participate in activities in and around the Austin area, during Summer Camps and Program, I hereby release the State of Texas and the Texas School for the Deaf, its governing board, officers, agents and employees, from any and all liability of any kind whatsoever arising out of any physical or mental injury or property damage or my death or the death of any child of mine or other person, while I or my child(ren) am present on the TSD campus or using TSD facilities and/or equipment, including entering and leaving the TSD campus, traveling to and from my vehicle to the TSD facilities, being transported in TSD vehicles in and around the Austin area or participating in any activity sponsored by the TSD as part of Summer Camps and Programs.

Further, I agree to notify the office of the TSD Superintendent (512-462-5300) if I detect any hazards or defects in any of the facilities or equipment, which I am allowed to use.

I further agree to be responsible for and to indemnify, to the greatest extent permitted by law, and save harmless the State of Texas, Texas School for the Deaf, its governing board, officers, agents and employees, from all loss or damage and all claims and suits, and attorney’s fees and costs of defending same, arising by reason of injuries (including death) to any persons or damage to any property, whether by act or omission, arising out of or in any way connected with or attributable to my use or the use of my child, of any TSD facility, grounds or equipment, whether arising out of concurrent or sole negligence on the part of TSD, its governing board, officers, agents, and employees, or otherwise.

I agree with the Use of Facilities terms and conditions above.*

2. Permission For Use of Photographs and Videos

The Texas School for the Deaf would like your permission to use any and all photographs of you and the registered child that will be taken during Summer Camps and Programs.

By signing below, I hereby consent to have my and/or my children’s pictures and images, including video, taken by film and/or electronically. TSD has my permission to use any such pictures and/or videos in any manner that it, in its sole and absolute discretion, deems appropriate and I further, on behalf of myself and my named children, hereby release any copyright I may have in such pictures and/or videos to TSD. I, on my own behalf and on behalf of my children, hereby release any property and/or privacy rights that I and/or my children have in our images and the photographs and/or videos. The photographs may be used in matters of publicity related to TSD, including but not limited to school publications and brochures, and newspaper articles.

By my signature below and the selection of “Yes” below, I hereby agree to the above release regarding the taking and use of photographs and/or videos of my registered child and give permission to the Texas School for the Deaf to use any photograph and/or video of the registered child listed below taken in conjunction with the activities of Summer Camps and Programs as set out above. 

I agree with the Permission for Use of Photographs and Videos terms and conditions above.*
I hereby certify that I am the child’s parent or guardian and that I have the legal authority to grant this permission and release.*