Communication Skills Workshop

Communication Skills Workshop (CSW) is open to certified K-12 Educational Interpreters and non-certified K-12 Educational Interpreters pursuing certification. CSW offers two different sessions. The registration fee for each session is $200. Please do not make any payments until you have received an acceptance letter.

Session A: Sunday - Thursday: June 30 - July 04, 2024

Session B: Sunday - Thursday: July 07 - 11, 2024

Interpreter Training Programs (ITP) and Deaf Education postsecondary students who are interested in providing support as volunteer participants can contact for further information.

For Internal Staff Use
For Internal Staff Use
Assign a registration ID based on which session they registered for and use the next number in the 100's.

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CSW offers two sessions. Choose the one that best fits your schedule. Both sessions have a waitlist option when spots are filled.

CSW Session A: JUNE 30- JULY 4, 2024
$ 200.00
CSW Session B: JULY 7- JULY 11, 2024
$ 200.00
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Has to be in exact format: (123) 456-7890
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CSW content will focus on educational interpreters. Other signing professionals are still welcome to register with the understanding that not all course content will apply. Please indicate which of the following best describes you.*
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Review the ESC map above to find which  Education Service Center (ESC) region you work in. Select the ESC # below.

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CSW will offer limited food choices. We will consider any dietary allergies. Please check what food allergies you have.*
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CSW participants are expected to stay on campus during the week to ensure maximum benefit and to earn CEUs. Lodgings are shared. Please enter the name of your preferred roomate below. *
The BEI Exam on Friday: CSW participants can take the test on Friday after CSW ends. It is your responsibility to register for the BEI performance test with BEI at DSHS. Choose which best describes you.*
With proof of your BEI test appointment, you can stay on campus Thursday evening after CSW ends. Please indicate if you need lodging. Please choose which one fits below.*
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Terms and Conditions

1. Use of Facilities (including Swim Center), Grounds and Equipment; Transportation in TSD Vehicles; Participation in Activities; Release of Liability and Indemnification


In exchange for the consent of the Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) allowing me to have or use the TSD equipment, grounds and facilities, including the Swim Center, and to be transported in TSD vehicles to and from and participate in activities from June 30 through July 11, 2024, I hereby release the State of Texas and the Texas School for the Deaf, its governing board, officers, agents and employees, from any and all liability of any kind whatsoever arising out of any physical or mental injury or property damage or my death or the death of any child of mine or other person, while I or my child(ren) am present on the TSD campus or using TSD facilities and/or equipment, including entering and leaving the TSD campus, traveling to and from my vehicle to the TSD facilities, being transported in TSD vehicles in and around the Austin area or participating in any activity sponsored by the TSD as part of the Communication Skills Workshop.

Further, I agree to notify the office of the TSD Superintendent (512-462-5300) if I detect any hazards or defects in any of the facilities or equipment, which I am allowed to use.

I further agree to be responsible for and to indemnify, to the greatest extent permitted by law, and save harmless the State of Texas, Texas School for the Deaf, its governing board, officers, agents and employees, from all loss or damage and all claims and suits, and attorney’s fees and costs of defending same, arising by reason of injuries (including death) to any persons or damage to any property, whether by act or omission, arising out of or in any way connected with or attributable to my use, if any, listed below, of any TSD facility, grounds or equipment, whether arising out of concurrent or sole negligence on the part of TSD, its governing board, officers, agents, and employees, or otherwise.

I agree with the terms and conditions above.*

2. Permission For Use of Photographs and Videos

The Texas School for the Deaf would like your permission to use any and photographs of you that will be taken while you are attending the Communication Skills Workshop. By signing below, I hereby consent to have my pictures and images, including video, taken by film and/or electronically. TSD has my permission to use any such pictures and/or videos in any manner that it, in its sole and absolute discretion, deems appropriate and I further, on behalf of myself, hereby release any copyright I may have in such pictures and/or videos to TSD. I, on my own behalf, hereby release any property and/or privacy rights which I have in our images and the photographs and/or videos. The photographs may be used in matters of publicity related to TSD, including but not limited to school publications and brochures and newspaper articles.

By my signature below and the selection of “Yes” below, I hereby agree to the above release regarding the taking and use of photographs and/or videos and give permission to the Texas School for the Deaf to use any photograph and/or video taken in conjunction with the activities of the Communication Skills Workshop as set out above. 

I agree with the terms and conditions above. *
By checking the box below, I understand that I must attend every workshop and all activities to receive BEI CEUs.*

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